Dawson fabricated machined parts


Our in-house, high-performance machine tool, meets the precise requirements needed to produce the high quality parts you demand.

Utilizing our in-house, high-performance machine tool, the HAAS VF5-XT, we are capable of meeting your exacting machining requirements. The HAAS VF5-XT has the capacity, features, reliability and speed, to efficiently produce high-quality parts you demand.


  • Smart HAAS control features

    Remote monitoring, definable macros, as well as Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity.

  • Wireless Intuitive Probing System (WIPS)

    Allows for up to 5 times faster set ups through the use of a spindle probe to easily define work offset coordinates as well as perform an in-process inspection. The Renishaw wireless tool-setting probe allows for quicker tool set-ups including tool wear management and tool break detection.

  • Generous travel area

    At a size of 60” x 26” x 25”, parts up to 4,000 lbs of all shapes and sizes are comfortably handled.

  • Spindle coolant system

    With 1,000 PSI, this system delivers extra high pressure at the tooltip which aids in removing chips from deep hold drilling and blind pocket milling. It also enables higher cutting speeds and feeds as compared to conventional flood cooling.

  • Powerful drive

    The 20hp, 7,500 rpm vector drive comes with a 2-speed gearbox that provides increased torque for heavy cutting.

  • Custom feature capabilities

    Precision drilling, tapping and boring achieve increased functionality to your parts.

  • Convenient storage

    A side-mounted tool changer holds up to 24 tools plus one in the spindle to provide adequate storage for the most complex parts requiring several tool changes.

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