Architectural Entrances

With over 70+ years of expertise, Dawson is a leading manufacturer of high-end, custom-crafted entryways. Offered in both balanced and standard swing configurations, Dawson door products have made monumental first impressions on hundreds of world class architectural projects.

Dawson doors on Irvine Spectrum Center in Los Angeles, CA

The Dawson Balanced Door

A Dawson signature product, our industry-leading balanced doors open with ease thanks to a unique dual pivot and rolling guide mechanism that works to equalize air pressure. Our balanced door products are offered in a variety of configurations, materials, and finishes to achieve your look.

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An employee manufacturing at Dawson

Architectural Engineering & Manufacturing Process

Our craftsmanship, engineering capabilities, and professionalism are unparalleled. From the initial planning stage, you will speak directly to an experienced estimator, project engineer, or project manager who will guide you through all stages of the project. We produce in-depth shop drawings for every project which after approval are used by our engineers to create solid models for every entrance we manufacture. This amount of detail ensures that our products meet the high expectations of building owners across the globe.

We offer fast, accurate, and efficient on-premise manufacturing in our ISO 9001:2015 certified factory in Jamestown, NY, with precision laser cutting capabilities for a truly custom result on every project we build.

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Projects by Dawson

Dawson’s experience in providing world class products is evident in the intricate workmanship and attention to detail, in every step of the door’s construction, from drawing to delivery.

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