About Dawson

A family-owned and operated business since 1946, Dawson remains the leading manufacturer of high-quality metal fabrications and architectural products, serving a clientele in the United States and throughout the world. From simple to ornate, every project is designed and fabricated through a unique approach focused on providing the highest quality for the most difficult and demanding fabrications and finishes. Our global clientele come back to Dawson because of our success in meeting or exceeding their expectations.

  • David Dawson, CEO of Dawson Metal

    Our Leadership

    Dawson is led by David Dawson, CEO and President; and a leadership team that includes:

    Jane Kidder, Corporate Secretary
    Rick Carlson, Senior VP
    Terry Stronz, CFO
    Jeff Parks, COO, VP of Manufacturing
    Tad Henderson, Vice President of Engineering

  • Dawson worker in protective gear welding metal

    Our Mission

    Dawson has a mission statement that aligns with our ISO certification “To achieve total customer satisfaction by continuously improving our processes in order to provide quality products on time and at a fair price”.

  • Dawson manufactured and assembled assembly

    Quality in our DNA

    A family-owned business since 1946, Dawson continues the tradition of high-quality workmanship.

Dawson worker loading sheet metal onto a laser

Dawson Facilities

Dawson’s fabricating, assembly, painting, and powder coating facilities span over 145,000 square feet in Jamestown, NY. Our advanced technologies and experts support our competitive advantage and explain why customers have been returning to us for over 75 years.

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Dawson’s Transcend Innovation

Dawson Metal Company is one of only a few fabricators globally who can accomplish the level of complex engineering and close-tolerance fabrication that our clients demand. The company fabricates and forms the metal into high-quality architectural products in our door division and custom enclosures in our industrial division. All aspects of our business specialize in solving challenging projects to meet customers’ specific and demanding requirements. As energy compliance codes become increasingly stricter across the United States, the company is expanding its thermally broken range of doors which will all continue to be submitted to the rigors of in-house testing before being tested by independent certification authorities.

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Dawson co-founders Axel and George Dawson

Axel G. Dawson, who immigrated to the United States from Sweden in 1911 at the age of 15, worked for 32 years in the metalworking industry before joining with his son George, an Industrial Engineer, to start Dawson Metal Company in 1946.

The initial enterprise, a tin shop and hardware business, changed its concentration to metal shop work in 1949. The company’s primary concern developed into stainless steel fabrication, specializing in custom, close tolerance work.

The company grew to include such customers as IBM and Eastman Kodak.


Dawson co-founder Axel Dawson

Axel developed and patented his first architectural products, a stainless steel “Floating Window Sill” and stainless steel “Flo Line Fascia.” The company began production of a variety of architectural frames, doors, and fittings.

The architectural division of Dawson Metal Company, Dawson Doors, expanded and modernized and moved to 608 Allen St. The company continued to make customized doors out of stainless steel and muntz metal for installation in some of the most beautiful buildings in the world: the Statue of Liberty, The World Trade Center in New York City, the Japanese Embassy in New York City, St. Paul’s Church in Yuma, Arizona, Saks Fifth Avenue Stores in various cities, to name just a few.


Dawson co-founder George Dawson and his son John Dawson

Dawson became managed by the third generation of Dawsons: David, Chairman of the Board and CEO; John, President and COO, and Jane, Corporate Secretary. David also served as the director of the Chautauqua County Industrial Development Agency.

John was associated with Dawson since 1966, working in every phase of production from bottom to top until his retirement in 1998, when David took over as President and CEO.

The company’s mission was to continue the tradition of high-quality workmanship, begun and developed by George and Axel, in a modern, highly technical and competitive environment.


Spray Tech Finishing Facility
Spray-Tech Finishing - Falconer, NY

Spray-Tech Finishing & Assembly Inc. was formed to provide powder coating and finishing services as an affiliate of Dawson.


Dawson Metal 70th Anniversary

Dawson celebrated the service of an exceptional customer base for 70 years of operation out of Jamestown, NY.


Dawson underwent a brand relaunch, with a new website and renewed commitment to customer experience excellence and innovation. Dawson’s reputable past provided unparalleled levels of skill and expertise and, equipped with decades of know-how, is squarely focused on the future.


Dawson launches its newest innovation for commercial entrances — the Transcend Series thermally broken entrances.

Core Values

Customer Focus

At Dawson, we see our customers as partners.  The value in customer focus drives us to deliver on time, on budget, and at the high and consistent quality our customers expect. Our customer focus is deeply embedded into our culture and mindset.  Our success relies on the success of our customers, and this keeps us achieving the highest standards.


Our team’s strength lies in our combined experience and expertise and our ability to trust and depend on each other under any circumstance.  We know that our best work is not produced by one individual but by the collective effort of our teams supporting each other every day. Because we consider our business relationships partnerships, this team mentality extends to our customers as well.


We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality products while proactively searching for improved methods, systems, and equipment.  Our ability to maintain our ISO 9001 series certification since 1999 is a crucial indicator of Dawson’s continued commitment to excellence.

Professional Development

We encourage our team members to pursue continuous learning and to take initiative daily.  We inspire innovation, drive, and passion by challenging others to think creatively and explore ideas.  We promote continuing education through seminars, networking, hands-on training, and workshops.


Dawson requires a personal commitment to safety from all levels of the organization.  It is so distilled in our way of life that it is a value we carry home with us daily.   From written policies to identifying and resolving hazards, we make safety a priority.


Accountability means more than just doing our job.  It includes our obligation to make things better, pursue excellence, and do things in a way that furthers the goals of Dawson.  By being accountable, we are answerable for our actions and the actions of our teams.


We at Dawson conduct ourselves honestly and ethically with every business interaction.  We are transparent – you will not receive smoke and mirrors, fine print, or excuses from us.  We are upfront about pricing, complications, and even the occasional errors -taking ownership of everything we do. We are always available to answer your questions and be your go-to resource for information within our expertise.


Innovation is the core value that keeps us excited by ideas and inventions. It is what makes us strive every day to improve our standard of excellence and to embrace change.  We are always looking for ways to improve and reach our full potential by being open to ideas that challenge our conventional views.


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