Dawson hardware insertion

Hardware Insertion

Dawson has a full range of mechanical fastening options to achieve your project requirements. Dawson’s capabilities are based on the following two industry-leading systems:

Haeger 824 Window Touch

Haeger HPC-C

Haeger 824 Window Touch

This PC-based machine has a Touch-Screen Operator Interface that effectively reduces cost by saving set up time and providing reliable, repeatable results for self-clinching fastener insertion. The multi-shuttle (Auto Feed) offers quick and easy tool change-over between Metric and English fastener types ranging from M3 to 1⁄4-20 in one handling.

Haeger HP6-C

Dawson also maintains two Haeger HP6-C 6 ton manual insertion presses. These presses are used for projects that require large sized fasteners or have five or more unique types, allowing for uninterrupted production runs.

Common Solutions

  • Spin Riveting

    Ideal when vibration resistance is required.

  • Rivet Nuts

    Provide strong, load-bearing threads.

  • Rivets

    Economical solution when parts are to be permanently fastened together – before or after finish.

  • Self Clinching Fasteners

    Use for cosmetic appearance, better thread strength than tapped holes, or material that is too thin to tap.

  • Stud Welding

    A proven process for attaching metal studs to a workpiece through the use of an electric arc. This process does not require any predrilling or punching of holes and does not mar the opposing side of the material.

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