A cellular manufacturing cell in Dawson manufacturing facility

Cellular Manufacturing

Dawson utilizes cellular manufacturing for many of its medium to long-term projects. In a cellular manufacturing environment, workstations and equipment are arranged to support the smooth flow of materials and components, controlled quality assurance, and overall reduced process time from start to finish.

Since this process is based upon one-piece flow, this manufacturing method reduces the amount of time for a single product to move from start to finish. The cellular manufacturing method also dramatically reduces waste since products move through the cell one piece at a time.

Defects are quickly detected and addressed, resulting in minimal disruption to the production schedule. In a more conventional approach of batch-and-queue, defects may not be as easily detected before an entire batch is produced.


  • Smooth and efficient flow

    With improved processes and properly managed time, workflows are smooth and efficient.

  • Waste reduction

    With pieces moving through one piece at a time, waste is controlled and minimized.

  • Efficient inspection

    Defects are quickly detected and addressed for minimal disruption to the production schedule.

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