Amada ENSIS Laser In Action, fabricating at Dawson

Laser Cutting

Dawson’s investments span to the latest laser technologies. Our in-house, high-speed laser equipment, has the versatility to achieve the best solutions for your short-to-long running projects.

Our Amada C1 Combo laser combines modern forming and tapping abilities with laser precision at open-ended lengths.

Our AMADA ENSIS 3015 Aj Fiber Laser, is capable of cutting thin materials up to four times faster than conventional CO2 lasers, and producing high-quality parts on materials up to 1” thick Hot Rolled Steel.

With an automated nozzle changing station and load/unload system, Dawson’s Ensis laser is able to run unattended at the full speed of the equipment.

With Dawson’s laser technology we are able to cut a wide variety of materials and thicknesses.

Dawson has full sheet stock cutting capabilities to manufacture your short to long-running project. We understand that no two customer’s needs are exactly alike and a dedicated Dawson engineer will collaborate with our team and the customer to recommend the best solution for manufacturing your product.

Amada ENSIS 3015 AJ Fiber Laser with Automated Load/Unload (Ensis)

  • Whether it is expediting work to the shop or running “lights out”, the Ensis is extremely versatile. This high speed programmable fiber laser can cut thin materials up to 4 times faster than conventional CO2 lasers and produce high-quality parts on materials up to .875” thick. Cost-saving features include:

  • • The MPL Automated Load/Unload System that can hold up to 2000 lbs. of sheet stock.

  • • A multi-axis helical rack and pinion drive system for higher acceleration and rapid traversing.

  • • An LCD color touchscreen which allows for ease of operation by all users.

  • • A network connected control for fast and easy transfer of programs.

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