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Dawson automated powder coat line

Wet Painting Services

Our automated powder coat line is easily adaptable to accommodate wet painting to meet many product specifications. Applying water or solvent-based paints to metal or plastic parts along with low to mid-temperature forced air drying is well within our capabilities.

An open-ended wet paint spray booth and batch oven are also available, for low volume or prototype projects.


  • Wet painting is a traditional process of applying liquid paint to a surface. Most painters will use a spray, pump, or pressurized vessel to deliver the paint evenly. The material surface is prepped by thoroughly cleaning using chemicals, sandblasting, or a combination of both. The wet paint is then applied with an even thickness of approximately 15-20 micrometers. Paint is evenly applied in layers (or coats) until the desired thickness is achieved.

    The wet painting process is ideal for objects that cannot be heated. It should only be applied by highly skilled experts to avoid unsightly drips or sags.


  • Why choose a wet paint process?

    Although Dawson often recommends a powder coat over a wet paint application, there are few great reasons to choose a wet paint finish. The first and most common reason is that wet paint can be applied to almost any material without a need for a high-temp curing process.

    Another is that wet paint is available in a larger variety of colors. Also, wet painting results in a much thinner finish than powder coating.

  • Can a wet paint be applied over a powder coat?

    Wet painting over an existing powder coat finish is a possible solution to repairing a surface. However, it is important that an experienced finisher does the job because there needs to be careful consideration in understanding the extent of the damage, which paint to use, and properly preparing the surface.

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