Transcend Technical Specifications

The Transcend Thermally Broken entrance is the latest innovation to arise from Dawson’s unmatched reputation for service and commitment to industry-leading products. We continue to be committed to providing the highest quality, fully assembled, ready-to-install products that reduce energy cost, reduce installation labor hours, and help you complete your project on time and on budget, every time.

*These are examples of elegant Dawson entrances that can now be thermally broken

Transcend Thermally Broken Entrances: Your Bridge to Compliance

  • Unparalleled Service, Start to Finish

    Dedicated Project Manager assigned from order through installation
    Dedicated Dawson Engineer assigned for real-time support
    Project-specific drawing preparation and submittals for each design
    State-of-the-art 3D parametric-modeling design software reduces engineering lead times and ensures maximum consistency
    Proven successful ease of installation

  • Industry-Leading Energy Efficiency

    Leakage rate across specimen tested at @1.57 psf (25 MPH) Per ASTM E283-04(12)
    Tested result: .19 cfm/ft^2
    Test Specimen: two (2) operable leaves of center-pivot entry doors and immediate door frame

  • Industry-leading Thermal Efficiency

    Tested rate: .47 BTU/hourft^2F° with SHGC of .388
    Per NFRC 100 procedure, ISO 15099 standard; using THERM 7.7.10 and WINDOW
    1” insulated Low-E glass
    exterior air temperature of -.4° F
    interior ambient temperature of 69.8°F
    exterior wind velocity of 12.3 mph
    U-Value specimen: two (2) operable leaves of Ultra-Narrow Stile (UNS) Stainless Steel, center-pivoted entry doors and immediate door frame
    Thermally Broken door and debridged aluminum extrusions with urethane AZON thermal pour (U-value .07)

  • Industry-leading Water Infiltration Efficiency

    Zero leakage of static water penetration with 1.0 psf pressure applied for 15 minutes
    Per ASTM E331-00(16), for resistance to water penetration under the air pressure differences of 1.0 psf (20 mph) for a minimum duration of 15 minute of direct nozzle spray at a rate in excess of 425 gallons per hour

  • Industry-leading Ease of Installation

    Reduced labor cost
    No field assembly
    Doors and frames arrive fully assembled, field spliced as required
    No additional cladding needed
    No field glazing or glazing adjustments after assembly
    100% factory-assembled and glazed
    Just uncrate and install
    Doors shipped factory glazed
    Immediate frame fully assembled with applicable hardware installed
    Full height, factory fit tubular push/pull sets and panic devices shipped fully installed
    No field application required

  • Unparalleled Aesthetics

    Truly Thermally Broken doors
    No mechanically fastened interior-to-exterior assembly components
    Ultra-Narrow 1 ½” x 2 ¼” thick vertical stiles
    Factory available finishes #4 & #6 Satin, #8 Mirror, and Non-Directional in both stainless and brass materials. Also available in powder-coated or wet-paint finish
    Sizes up to 4’ 0” wide and 10’ 0” tall.
    Maximum Door Sizes for fully warranted UNS Thermally Broken doors
    36” W x 120” H
    42” W x 111” H
    48” W x 108” H

Why Choose a Dawson Thermally Broken Entrance?

Dawson Thermally Broken entrances solve an otherwise unavoidable problem: damage from condensation. 

When non-thermally broken doors are used between differing interior/exterior temperatures, the metal frame remains cold as it loses heat to the outside. Condensation forms on this cold inner surface, frost build-up begins, and the door’s insulation system is compromised. 

With non-thermally broken doors, over time, as condensation continually leaks down the door and onto the floor and surrounding areas, larger problems arise and degrade the entire system.

Note that frost is contained to the outside part of the frame.

  • A Thermally Broken Dawson entrance automatically delivers:

    Dramatically improved heating and cooling costs

    Overall NFRC U-value greatly surpasses current energy requirement of .77

    Much higher condensation resistance factor, reducing interior frost build-up

    Fully-glazed door using 1” low-E insulated glass

    Customized complete-system U-values available upon request, for specific thermal analysis of non-typical entrance

  • thermally broken doors

    Example of Dawson Thermally Broken Entrance

    Total calculated U-value of this Dawson entrance is .474 (Btu/hft2-F)

    Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) is .388 (1” insulated Low-E glass)

    Calculations are based on NFRC 100 standards with an exterior air temperature of -.4° xF, an interior ambient temperature of 69.8° F, and an exterior wind velocity of 12.3 mph

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