An employee performing powder coating in Dawson finishing facility

Powder Coating

Dawson offers powder coating solutions to meet the most stringent customer specifications.  Primarily, we utilize a three-stage pretreatment process consisting of an iron phosphate detergent, a cold water rinse, and a non-chrome seal rinse.  Our iron phosphate detergent includes additional fluoride ions which increase the etching effects on aluminum and stainless steel surfaces.  We also offer mechanical blasting as a pretreatment option prior to powder coating.  Complex geometries are tested using our in-house DataPaq to ensure optimum cure cycles thus eliminating over-baking and discoloring of the powder.  Our automated paint line has a part size envelope of 4’ wide x  5’ tall x 12’ long.  Parts that exceed this size can be painted in our dedicated off-line batch spray booth and cured in our dedicated batch oven which has an envelope size of 10’ wide x  10’ tall x 15’ long.

Equipment & Processes

  • High-temperature custom masking capabilities by use of vinyl stencil cutting machine

  • Dual Color paint schemes including Industry Standard Gelling Primers

  • Automated GAT systems paint line

  • Deimco roll-off powder coating booth

  • Off-line batch booths

  • Custom finishes

  • Salt spray testing

  • Silk-screening

Other Services