Industries Served

We work every day with designers like you to create one-of-a-kind entrances that give unforgettable first impressions. We also work closely with engineers to manufacture custom metal fabrications for various needs. Customers in nearly every industry choose Dawson for their custom metal projects.

  • Mass Transit transportation industry

    Mass Transit

    We cater to metro, light rail, and passenger rail car companies with custom fabricated items such as propulsion and traction-control enclosures.

  • Government Industry

    Government Buildings

    You will find Dawson doors in many government buildings, from the US Capitol Visitor’s Center to the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

  • Kiosks and enclosures

    Kiosks & Enclosures

    From self-checkout counters to electrical cabinets, Dawson specializes in manufacturing many different styles of kiosks and enclosures.

  • Marine Industry


    We work with many sectors of the marine industry including local marinas. We also work with special technologically advanced companies that are helping to improve our environment.

  • Museum Industry


    From the Museum of the Bible to the National Museum of American History, Dawson is often the manufacturer of choice when specifying entrances that wow visitors.

  • Medical Industry


    Thanks to our wide range of capabilities, we provide high-precision parts for medical device manufactures and serve some of the industry-leading OEM companies.

  • education industry


    We produce custom products for institutions ranging from k-12 to colleges and universities.

  • recycling industry


    With a consumer-driven economy, we fabricate recycling products that require sturdy parts that are quick to produce, reliable, and safe for end-users

  • Residential Entrances

    Residential Entrances

    Our beautiful entrances aren’t just for commercial applications!  Sometimes there’s a desire to have the same high-quality ambiance added to high-class residential designs.