Vault Logic

Vault Logic (formerly Maya Tech) is a social initiative technology company that provides financial services infrastructure for underserved communities in the United States. After evaluating several fabricator companies, Vault Logic chose Dawson to design its touchscreen kiosk. With sales per square foot being the retail metric for calculating return on investment, minimizing the footprint of the kiosk was of critical importance. Given the targeted demographic for its kiosks, Vault Logic also needed to have costs minimized. Dawson was successful in meeting the cost targets, and increased volumes in the future may help to lower costs more.

Dawson fully manufactures, paints, assembles, and finally populates these units with all the electronics.


The self-service kiosk is the backbone of Vault Logic’s effort to provide easy access to a myriad of financial services. The kiosks, which are located in privately owned neighborhood convenience stores and bodegas, allow customers to access a diverse suite of digital services, including ATM services, cross-border money transfers, bill payments, and sending and/or recharging phones for family members in other countries. Many people in the targeted neighborhoods do not use traditional banking services, such as checking accounts and credit cards, thus giving them an opportunity to use resources otherwise not available to them with the use of the kiosk.

With a concept and requirements in hand, and through close collaboration with Vault Logic, Dawson was able to design a kiosk that featured a touchscreen interface and secondary advertisement screen, bill, coin and card acceptance for transactions, bill and coin dispensing for change and ATM transactions, document scanning, multi-stage locking and internal cameras for security. Dawson provided the prototype design in six weeks and had the first production delivery in fourteen weeks, as well as successfully meeting Vault Logic’s cost targets.

Dawson fully manufactures, paints, assembles, and finally populates these units with all the electronics.

With the completion of this project, small business owners will be able to afford placement of the kiosks in their stores and bring alternative financial services to underserved areas.