Powder Coat Technician


Falconer, NY



Experience Level

1+ year preferred

Job Type


Work Schedule



The following statements reflect the duties considered necessary to describe the essential functions of the job as identified and shall not be considered as a detailed description of all the work requirements that may be inherent in this position.

  • Observe machine gauges and equipment operation to detect defects or deviations from the standard, and make adjustments as necessary.
  • Determine paint flow, viscosity, and coating quality by performing visual inspections, or by using viscometers.
  • Weigh or measure chemicals, coatings, or paints before adding them to machines.
  • Select appropriate coating, paints, or sprays, or prepare them by mixing substances according to formulas, using automated paint mixing equipment.
  • Set up and operate machines to paint or coat products with such materials as silver and copper solution, rubber, paint, glaze, oil, or rustproofing materials.
  • Turn dials, handwheels, valves, or switches to regulate conveyor speeds, machine temperature, air pressure and circulation, and the flow or spray of coatings or paint.
  • Start and stop the operation of machines, using levers or buttons.
  • Record operational data on specified forms.
  • Start pumps to mix solutions and fill tanks.
  • Operate auxiliary machines or equipment used in the coating or painting process.
  • Fill hoppers, reservoirs, troughs, or pans with material used to coat, paint, or spray, using conveyors or pails.
  • Perform test runs to ensure that equipment is set up properly.
  • Clean machines, related equipment, and work areas using water, solvents, and other cleaning aids.
  • Thread or feed items or products through or around machine rollers and dryers.
  • Attach hoses or nozzles to machines, using wrenches and pliers, and make adjustments to obtain the proper dispersion of spray.
  • Remove materials, parts, or workpieces from painting or coating machines using hand tools.
  • Transfer completed items or products from machines to dry or storage areas, using handcarts, hand trucks, or cranes.



Competency Statement(s)

  • Adaptability – Ability to adapt to change in the workplace.
  • Analytical Skills – Ability to use thinking and reasoning to solve a problem.
  • Assertiveness – Ability to act in a self-confident manner to facilitate the completion of a work assignment or to defend a position or idea.
  • Communication; Oral – Ability to communicate effectively with others using the spoken word.
  • Communication; Written – Ability to communicate in writing clearly and concisely.
  • Consensus Building – Ability to bring about group solidarity to achieve a goal.
  • Customer Oriented – Ability to take care of the customers’ needs while following company procedures.
  • Flexibility – Ability to adapt to changes brought about by continuous improvements including job responsibilities affected by improvement activities.
  • Innovative – Ability to look beyond the standard solutions.
  • Mechanically Inclined – Ability to use air and power hand tools.
  • Persistence – Ability to complete tasks or continue in a course of action in spite of opposition or discouragement.
  • Team Work – Ability to work on continuous improvement activities and expected to identify, track, and solve problems within a team atmosphere.
  • Time Management – Ability to utilize the available time to organize and complete work within given deadlines.
  • Working Under Pressure – Ability to complete assigned tasks under stressful situations.



High School diploma or GED, Vocational or Technical Training


3 years of Powder Coating preferred

Skills & Abilities

  • Basic Computer skills
  • Ability to read blueprints

Work Environment

  • Fluctuating plant temperatures
  • May be exposed to irregular hours, strict deadlines, and stressful situations.

For more information, contact our human resources representative

[email protected]
+1 716 664-3811

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