Closing Force Adjustment

On occasion, the closing force needs to be increased from the factory default setting to accommodate unknown pressures inside or outside of the building. These pressures may include stack pressure, negative wind loads, or positive wind loads.

The LCN #4040 closer used in the Dawson balanced system is adjustable from a range of 1 to 6. (1 ½ – 2 being typical factory setting)

Closing Force Adjustment

How to Adjust

To adjust the closing force of the door, insert a 5/32” Allen wrench into the adjustment hole located at the end of the roller guide track – near the lock side of the door.

To decrease the closing force – turn wrench counter-clockwise.
To increase the closing force – turn wrench clockwise.



The door should only be opened enough to insert and turn the wrench to decrease the closing force.

Typical building codes restrict the opening force to 8lbs to meet ADA guidelines.

Increasing the closing force will in turn increase the opening force.

Closing Force Adjustment - Instruction Sheet