Dawson Doors Installed On Liberty Museum


Jamestown, NY

Originally in The Jamestown Post Journal 9/2/2018

A conceptual rendering of the future Statue of Liberty Museum on Ellis Island in New York City. Dawson Metal/Dawson Doors is supplying the two main entrance doors to the museum, one on either side of a revolving door unit. The entrances are Dawson’s Ultra-narrow stile manual and auto-operated balanced doors fabricated from Muntz metal. Chuck McNeal, Dawson Doors senior project manager, said the special glass used in the doors was provided from St. Gobain in Portugal. The museum is slated to open in 2019 and four million visitors annually are expected to pass through the doors created by Dawson Doors. The museum will create a beautiful, new destination on Liberty Island and enhance the overall educational experience for visitors. Increased security measures since Sept. 11, 2001, has resulted in restrictions to the number of people allowed to enter the monument. Access to the current museum in the pedestal of the statue has been significantly limited. Around 80 percent of the four million visitors are unable to enter the historic pedestal and visit the statue’s current museum. The new museum will allow for universal access without restrictive security clearances.