High-End Entryways For Complex Properties


Originally in Business In Focus, September 2019

Dawson Doors specializes in prestige entranceway doors for the high-end building market, in stainless steel, brass, or aluminum, and is established as a world leader in precision balanced doors.

Dawson Metal Company (DMC) was established by the Dawson family in 1946 as a small, family-owned, precision sheet-metal fabricator. With more than 70 years in business, Dawson is a leader in the fabrication and finishing of metal products, including everything from the enclosures for grocery-store self-checkouts to the steel frames for railcar seating.

Dawson Doors is the architectural products division of DMC and is well established as a world leader in the manufacture of precision balanced doors.

“It’s a family-owned company in the third generation of ownership. The Dawson family has owned it since 1946 – right after World War Two. Father and son decided they’d start making precision sheet-metal parts, and it evolved into what it is today. When you talk to contractors about balanced doors they’re going to say Dawson is the best,” says Phil Harrington, Architectural Sales and Marketing Manager at Dawson Doors.

Spray Tech Finishing and Assembly is the painting and powder coating division of DMC. When Dawson Doors has completed the fabrication process it will send the components over to the Spray Tech team for finishing when a powder coated finish is specified.

Eye-catching entryways
Dawson’s focus is on major entrances for high-end construction projects. Dawson doors are usually found in high rises and commercial properties in cities like New York, Washington, DC, Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia and more, and in city, state and federal structures. They are imposing and eye-catching, and they set the tone of the building for any approaching visitor. A lot rests on Dawson’s craftsmanship, but the company’s commitment to quality has, over the years, made its architectural products an asset to both the buildings and their architects: consistent quality equals peace of mind.

Having established its position beyond any doubt in the United States, Dawson Doors has achieved great success in international markets. The company has worked with clients in Israel, Brazil, the Middle East, China, and further afield. “It’s because we do balanced doors. That’s one of our specialties and there are few companies in the United States that do that,” says Tad Henderson, VP of Engineering at Dawson Metal. Dawson advanced products are trusted by a customer base that spans the globe.