The Chautauqua Business Spotlight: Dawson Metal


The Villager

COVID Products Manufactured Locally

By Judy Shuler – Originally in The Villager November 5, 2020

See a need and sell a solution.

As COVID-19 brought a heightened need for sanitation and employee safety, Dawson Metal Company stepped up. They began designing and producing hand sanitizer stations and personal protection barriers (PPBs).

With an in-house staff of process engineers and manufacturing team at their headquarters at 825 Allen St., Jamestown, and finishing and assembly in Falconer, “we are able to go from concept to actual parts without any delay,” says David Dawson, CEO and president.

Once found mainly in medical facilities and offices, hand sanitizers have become a basic necessity in virtually every retail and office building and venue.

Demand for the COVID-inspired products is apt to continue and grow.

“Both products are heavy duty and American made. Even if COVID ended tomorrow, the public is more aware and cautious than ever before about potential viruses and we believe that vigilance will remain heightened. With this, there will be a demand for these products long after COVID is gone.”

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