Dawson Hits The World’s Largest Retail Conference and EXPO


Dawson Metal’s prototypes presented well for Fujitsu once again at the National Retail Federation show in January 2019.  The NRF show is described as “The World’s Largest Retail Conference and EXPO”.

This year Fujitsu had three different product lines made at DMC for exhibit – The RFID Portal, RFID Mini-SS Basket and the Cash Vault with optional Payment Tower.

Although the audience was impressed by the Portal due to its enormous size, it was the RFID Basket that generated the most interest as a payment option for the retail clothing industry.

The modular Cash Vault was perceived to be unsecure, and is currently undergoing a redesign.  It will be prototyped soon as the SECUR-PAY/PLUS with classic cabinet construction while still maintaining the two tone color scheme.


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