Using Technology to Optimize the Manufacturing Sales Process


Dawson Metal Company just announced the consolidation of its three business branches:  Dawson Metal, Dawson Doors, and Spray-Tech Finishing Services into one brand, Dawson. Combining these business branches not only helps optimize operations, but also streamlines the sales process to better serve our customers. 

Paired with this consolidation is a new website that helps architects, construction managers, and procurement managers quickly and easily access specifications, and request estimates for architectural entrances, metal fabrication, and finishing services. After speaking with several current clients and partners about how we can make things easy and most efficient for them, Dawson decided to invest in the technology to help solve this problem.

Our CEO David Dawson stated, “In our manufacturing plants, we tend to stay on the cutting edge of technology, so that as the industry quickly evolves we can pass innovation on to our clients. With this new website, we are embracing the need for investment in Internet technology as well,  to better communicate with our customers. We are now equipped with an additional set of tools to provide you with direct access to the unparalleled levels of skills and expertise that exists at Dawson. Streamlining the sales and estimating process online will allow us to shorten our overall delivery process, leading to more quality products delivered on-time.”  

With a few simple clicks, architects, construction managers, and procurement managers can download product sheets, review case studies, and request a sales quote at Dawson also plans to use chat technology in the future, so customers can chat real-time with an expert. Streamlining this process for our customers leads to more accurate estimates, increased production, and reduced delivery timelines.

Dawson is a leading manufacturer of high-quality metal fabrications and architectural products including their signature Balanced Door. The Balanced Door opens with ease thanks to a unique dual pivot and rolling guide mechanism that works to equalize air pressure. Dawson products are installed in architectural icons including the Empire State Building in NYC and throughout the nation. 


About Dawson

A family-owned and operated business since 1946, Dawson remains the leading manufacturer of high-quality metal fabrications and architectural products, serving a clientele in the United States and throughout the world. From simple to ornate, every project is designed and fabricated through a unique approach focused on providing the highest of quality for the most difficult and demanding fabrications and finishes. Our global clientele come back to Dawson because of our success in meeting or exceeding their expectations.

To learn more about Dawson, visit our website at or contact us  [email protected]. Follow contextual links to learn more about our signature Balanced Door, or to speak with our sales team .


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