Dawson Partners with RFID Leaders


RFID or Radio Frequency Identification technology is the use of radio waves to read and capture information stored on a tag attached to an object. The tag can be read from several meters away and does not need to be within direct line-of- sight of the reader to be tracked. The basic technology has existed for decades and is now used to track everything from manufactured parts, to pharmaceuticals to livestock. As the technology has matured, it is now more reliable than ever and companies are seeking ways to employ the technology to reduce waste and other costs.

Dawson Metal has been working with a new customer, Positek RFID, in developing new product solutions for the industries they serve. Positek RFID creates and installs custom-designed textile and laundry management solutions. The sheet metal enclosures and portals, designed and produced by DMC, house the antenna and reader array that scan the load of items within. With the

RFID tags affixed to each item, the technology can identify several thousand unique items in a matter of seconds which enables customers to reduce labor costs, eliminate shortages, and accurately track, sort and inventory goods. In the last several months DMC has developed five new versions of the scanning enclosures that are all scheduled to go into full production in 2019.

Dawson Metal has also been working with Fujitsu on similar technology deployment to be used in the retail industry. We recently shipped the first prototypes of Fujitsu’s scan portal and basket scanner, where the technology is intended to capture the contents of a typical shopping basket or cart.

With considerable growth expected in the utilization of RFID technology, DMC is partnered with two of the industry leaders.


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