A Family Business Celebrates


For 73 years, Dawson Metal Company has remained a family business.  Axel Dawson, a Swedish immigrant, and his engineering-trained son, George, began it in 1946.  Axel had been working for the Dahlstrom Company in Jamestown in metalworking and George had just finished serving in WWll as a Captain in the US Navy when they started their new business.  The first location was a “tin shop” on First Street near the Jamestown High School.  The business grew and eventually leased a building on Harrison Street near Winsor.  In the 1960’s, the Company moved to its current location, 825 Allen St.  In the years since, we have added on to the original purchase, which now houses the architectural and industrial divisions under one roof. George’s son, John, took over the Presidency from George in the 1980’s.   Today George’s youngest son, David, is the CEO and John has retired.


As we look back at our heritage, we express our appreciation to our father and grandfather who risked everything they had to start a small vulnerable company with a few pieces of equipment and a few hard-working metal workers.  Dawson Metal represents the true story of America. When Axel and George started the business, Jamestown had over 50 family-owned businesses.  Today there are less than half a dozen remaining in operation.  The founders’ courage and skills laid the foundation that has allowed the next generations to continue with the same commitment to see Dawson Metal innovate and grow.  We hope they are proud of our efforts.


David Dawson

Jane Kidder

John B. Dawson

Phillip Dawson


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