Makers of Tomorrow: Kristie Voty


Original article by Grant Freking | Signs of the Times

Voty started at the bottom of Chautauqua Sign Co., and remains intent on preserving the small shop’s identity.

In 2004, Kristie Voty started at the bottom rung of Chautauqua Sign Co. – or “super, super-entry level,” as she put it – for the small sign company. “I just painted backgrounds of signs and picked up the [shop floor],” she said. Now, Voty is entering her fourth year running the company. “You’re constantly pushing your limits, whether it’s design, engineering, creativity,” she said. “Everything is pushed. And it’s extremely satisfying. Your sense of achievement every single day is through the roof.”

What doesn’t Voty do for her shop now? “I don’t pick up the floor anymore – sometimes,” she said with a laugh.

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Kristie did a fantastic job with our wrap on the new Dawson van and was a pleasure to work with.  Congratulations to Kristie for her acknowledgment in the Signs of the Times.   It is very well deserved!

To inquire about a sign or wrap of your own, call Kristie @ Chautauqua Signs – (716) 665-2222

We are proud to have our van featured along with Kristie’s article in the Signs of the Times.





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